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Take your swimsuits and enjoy two months of freedom!! Your character will have until August 31th IN-CHARACTER to enjoy their summer, visit family or relax in the dorms. Enjoy the upcoming Tanabata Festival at the Tsukiakari Shrine during July 7th and July 13th!

SUMMER EVENTS (RL Dates from July 7th to September 30th)
Some of the main events during this month will be:

❀ Tanabata: The Star Festival. Celebrate the meeting between Orihime and Hikoboshi by writing your wishes and in the Tanzaku (Rice Paper for the Tanabata) and hanging it at the bamboo garden on the Tsukiakari Shrine. (More info will be revealed on the OFFICIAL announcement in the galleries.)

❀ Tōrō Nagashi: The Floating Lantern Festival. Come by the river near the the Tsukiakari Shrine with your paper lantern to set it up to celebrate with everyone in the Island. Tōroō Nagashi in Yamasakura Island holds a special meaning for every year the people of the island would join together to pray for the souls of the departed and ask them to bless the land for the living. (More info will be revealed on the OFFICIAL announcement in the galleries.)

❀ Bon Festival: Following the festivities of Tōrō Nagashi, on this two days the inhabitants of Yamasakura Island honor their ancestors by making a Altar in the Moon Hall so the priests and mikos of the shrine can bless it. This festivity has buddhist roots, but in Yamasakura,  everyone is welcome to come by and pray to their ancestors regardless of religion, race or origins. (More info will be revealed on the OFFICIAL announcement in the galleries.)

❀ Arcana High Summer Camp: The students of Arcana High will be leaving for 3 days to the mount fuji to participate in a summer camp that will begin on July 14th and end on July 16th. (More info will be revealed on the OFFICIAL announcement in the galleries.)


All Easter Events are over and you have time until May 15th to hand over any art work or submission that you'd like to share.

The closure of the first Arc on the plot is getting near! We will commence activities as soon as preparations are over. This activities will last for at least a few months so you will time approximately until the end of June or mid July to hand over the mandatory entry and all extras you want to add for the event. If you are unable to partake of these activities you must inform the admins before hand so we know you are having troubles or don't have time to spare at the moment.


Number 1
Some re-arrangements will be done in the galleries and the homepage the following weeks. We'll reduce the amount of folder and compact it the best we can. Activity folders will be divided in 3: "Official Events - EPISODES" // "Mini-Events & Memes" // "Special Activities". App folders will become one and pass to be named "Members APP". Finished events and activities will be moved after the deadline and over to the "Closed & Finished Activities" folder. Town Life and School life folders will become the "OCs Life" folder. Paintberri RP and Chat RP logs will join into a folder named "Paintberri & Chat RO Logs". This will make the gallery easier to navigate.

Number 2
There is going to be rearrangements on some of the journals to make them easier to navigate. Some of the info will be moved from the journals to the official and updated DATABASE which will be announced and available for either online view or download. This database will be constantly updated and re-submitted as we dive into the plot.

Number 3
The group will end their first SEASON of ARC number 1 "Dark Nights" with the next Official Event, this two-parts Episode will mark the start of the journey and will introduce the current "Enemy" and some things that will be relevant for regular RP and future Episodes. Members must take into account that after every Episode Part a Resume of the RPs will be put up under the Episode Announcement Entry, so please read it if you were unable to participate of the Activity.

More News and Announcements will be added later on.
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hehe, thanks! n__n I don't know if you saw the skype chat? o3o we're doing the "Who's staying" thing once again to see which members are still interested in the group :) we'll close to semi-private after July 10th. o3o <3 
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